100% low-carb & gluten-free ❤️

⚜️ NEW IN BOULDER: Unique and tasty French immersive experiences ⚜️

Oh la la, it's all about low-carb, gluten-free & joie de vivre 🍰


Have you ever dreamed of savoring authentic and original French dishes without the guilt of carbs and gluten?

Your dreams can become a reality😊

My cooking classes are tailored to help you achieve your wellness goal and infuse your diet with French style and flavors.

Whether you're new to keto or seasoned, I'll teach you the art of French cuisine, from ingredients to organization, in a relaxed and caring atmosphere.

Discover how to prepare your favorite dishes while indulging in the beauty of the French accent with a pinch of vocabulary and stories.
French classes are also available.

Impress your family and friends with your newfound cooking skills without the need to attend an expensive cooking school in Paris.

You'll be celebrated as the new French Chef of your next party in no time 😉

Bon appétit !

Nelly Genisson

Don't follow a keto, low-carb, or gluten-free diet?

No problem! Our dishes are still delicious and you won't even notice a difference. Get ready for a unique French culinary experience!


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👉 3 hours of French class (one per week)
Here are some examples of materials and methods:
- Watercolor
- Food styling/photography
- Euros coins
- Song & games
- French culture

➕👩‍🍳 1 private cooking class
We will cook a dessert or a savory dish, serving 4 people.
You can eat it during the class or share it later with friends and family.
I will provide all the ingredients, so you don't need to go grocery shopping.

This cooking class will be a fun and practical way to wrap up our month's theme by learning some new baking skills, French culinary vocabulary, and interesting stories about the recipe.

✨100% in-person private classes at your home.


My keto/low-carb diet is not just some boring plate with avocado and bacon. That's just a recipe for tiredness and giving up !

Instead, my meals are infused with the exquisite flavors of French cuisine known around the world.

My daily keto menu is anything but dull!

With my expertise, tips, and secrets, you will be able to effortlessly create delicious and doable healthy meals.

I also take pride in my exclusive use of 100% clean keto ingredients, prioritizing whole and fresh food while avoiding any preservatives, gums, sugar and gluten.

La crème de la crème, only for YOU !

🎁What can you expect to receive as part of your experience at Bonjour Keto?

☑️Cultural and nutritional discovery related to the recipes.

☑️Hands-on: YOU are the main character.

☑️Well-being: nourish your body and satisfy your tastebuds.

☑️Warm atmosphere: be my special guest

☑️Personalized attention: small group

☑️Quality ingredients: I use good fats and organic and pasture-raised animal products as much as possible while avoiding added gums, sugar, and gluten!

Low-carb & sugar-free

French style



The ketogenic diet has been proven effective against various health issues such as obesity, diabetes, epilepsy, migraines, PCOS, and cancer, and for weight loss and sports performance for over a century.

By adopting my French keto art of living, you can say goodbye to the emotional roller coasters, weight gain, and diabetes caused by carbohydrates and enjoy stable energy without cravings.

There's no better time to reach your full potential, starting with me in the US.

Bienvenue !


I assume that I embody the cliché of a French woman 🌺

The one who enjoys food while maintaining a fit and strong lifestyle without sacrificing femininity. As a dedicated keto entrepreneur, I constantly create new ways to help people achieve wellness with flair and joie de vivre through my best-sellers books, membership website, conferences, and videos.

After a bold move from Fontainebleau, France to Boulder, Colorado with my beloved husband in 2020, I decided to share my culinary expertise by offering exclusive in-person cooking classes and immersive experiences featuring the finest French cuisine in a healthy way.

When I'm not passionately whipping up new recipes or capturing mouth-watering food photos, you may catch me lifting weights, practicing yoga, hiking in the majestic Rockies, knitting, or enjoying a cup of coffee at a cozy café with a square of pure 100% dark chocolate ☕🍫

I can't wait to meet you!